Our summer outreach is an opportunity to introduce new student-athletes and organizations to the great sport of lacrosse, as well as introduce them to the Bridge family. Our summer outreach program includes camps and clinics with various partners in Dallas, as well as our open sessions. We invite you to reach out to us and join us for a summer clinic or drop-in for open session.


We welcome all students and parents to come out and just have some fun with our family. This is a free and informal opportunity to just hang out and get some free time in during the hot months. We bring in various coaches to help get new players started and further challenge the more experienced student-athletes. Join us every summer!

  • Every Monday in June & July 2019

  • JC Phelps Recreation Center at 3030 Tips Blvd, Dallas

  • 6:00-7:30pm


During summer, we host 2-3 day clinics at various sites across South Dallas, Oak Cliff and West Dallas. We look to introduce the sport of lacrosse to as many student-athletes as we can, with the help of structured drills and games, and experienced high school volunteers. We've worked with a variety of nonprofits, schools, YMCAs, recreation centers and faith-based organizations. Our camps are great supplemental activities for kids in under-resourced neighborhoods. If you'd like Bridge to come visit you, please email us at info@bridgelacrossedallas.org.


  • Circle of Support

    • June 10-12 | JJ Rhoads Elementary at 4401 S 2nd Ave, Dallas | 9:00-11:00a

    • June 17-19 | Cesar Chavez Learning Center at 1710 N Carroll Ave, Dallas | 9:00-11:00a

    • June 24-26 | Elisha Pease Elementary at 2914 Cummings St, Dallas | 9:00-11:00a

    • June 24-26 | J.N. Ervin Elementary at 3722 Black Oak Dr, Dallas | 1:00-3:00p

  • Pathway to Purpose

    • June 17-18 | Pathway to Purpose at 302 W. Palestine St. Hutchins | 1:00-2:00p

  • Heroes Basketball Center

    • July 1-2 | Heroes Basketball at 1800 Bonnie View Rd, Dallas | 1:00-2:00p

  • Bridge Builders

    • July 8-9 | Turner Courts at 6601 Bexar St, Dallas | 11:00a-12:00p

  • Wesley-Rankin Community Center

    • July 8-10 | Wesley-Rankin at 3326 N Winnetka Ave, Dallas | 9:30-10:30a

  • Youth World

    • July 11-12 | Youth World at 1121 W Wheatland Rd, Dallas | 11:00a-1:30p

  • Eloise Lundy Recreation Center

    • July 15-17 | Eloise Lundy at 1229 Reverend CBT Smith St, Dallas | 11:00a-12:00p

  • Lakewest YMCA

    • July 15-17 | Lakewest YMCA at 3737 Goldman St, Dallas | 9:00-10:00a

  • JC Phelps Recreation Center

    • July 22-24 | JC Phelps at 3030 Tips Blvd, Dallas | 11:00a-12:00p

  • After-School All-Stars

    • July 22-24 | Marsh Middle at 3838 Crown Shore Dr, Dallas | 8:30-9:30a


Beginning in late-July 2018, Bridge Lacrosse will begin a new summer tradition and program, called Summer Academy. Summer Academy is a overnight college learning and lacrosse experience. The camp experience is our opportunity to provide an in-depth learning atmosphere for middle school student-athletes of Bridge Lacrosse. For 2018, Summer Academy will be hosted on the beautiful campus of UT-Tyler.


Each summer we offer travel opportunities for grades 6th and up. These trips include visits to California and Delaware. In addition, we also provide access and tours of various college campuses along with our California trip. We are thankful for great partners in Strive and Harlem Lacrosse LA for these opportunities.


For 2019, we are proud to introduce our own in-house summer league for all rising 8th graders and up. The purpose of our summer league is to continue building relationships among the Bridge Family and provide a fun and competitive environment during the summer months. We will create four men’s and four women’s teams to compete over a seven week season. For more information, please contact us at info@bridgelacrossedalalas.org