Our fall season, or fall ball, is a developmental season for all student-athletes. Everyone will have an opportunity to develop and further their skills in preparation for the competitive spring season. Our fall programming season is split between our traditional fall ball season and our fall afterschool season. 

Our traditional fall ball is community based and open to all boys and girls between 3rd and 12th grade. We welcome experienced and beginner student-athletes. Our fall afterschool program is site-based and is exclusive to four partners in Dallas. Lastly, we are proud to offer fall ball as a free program to the student-athletes of North Texas!

For both new and returning families, be sure to check out our FAQ page for more information about Bridge. And, be sure to read our welcoming letter from the Bridge Board of Directors.


The fall ball season will run 9 weeks, every Sunday. Fall ball is open to ALL skill levels, boys and girls between 3rd and 8th grade. All youth student-athletes will be coached by our Leadership Board members and focus on fundamental skills and small-sided games. We welcome newcomers and beginners to try the sport, as well as experienced student-athletes to refine their skills. The season will conclude with our fall fest on Saturday, Nov 17th.


HS fall ball will run 9 Sundays with the addition of possible HS scrimmages. All practices will be two hours long with emphasis on sticks skills and skill development instructed by guest coaches. All high school student-athletes who intend to play spring lacrosse are highly encouraged to attend fall ball. Fall ball is also open to all skill levels and newcomers.


Please note that this program is our site-based programming and is exclusive to Hector Garcia MS, Uplift Infinity, Uplift Heights and Eloise Lundy Recreation Center. Practices will run from Sept-Nov and conclude with our fall festival on Nov 17th.

  • For more information about fall afterschool, please email us at info@bridgelacrossedallas.org