The backbone of our organization and competitive programs are our volunteer coaches. Our coaches serve as the primary role models for each of our student-athletes throughout the spring and fall lacrosse seasons. We are incredibly thankful for their commitment to working with each of our seven spring teams. 

2018 Spring Coaches

former coaches

Chris Thompson | Kim Alvarez | Trevor Atkins (Furman) | Zoe Skinner (UNC) | Stuart Smith (UNC Club) | Schuyler Grey (SMU) | Tom Hay (MIT) | Eric Anderson (Clemson) | Lauren Traube (Cal Poly) | Scott Sowanick (Princeton) | Kate Losecco | Breanna Brown | Brian Koza (Ohio State Club) | Jack Tierney (Cornell) | Ian Flanagan | Ariel Shapiro (Dartmouth Club) | Cory Harstein (Texas A&M) | Lewis Flanagan III (Minnesota) | Nicole Spiros (Maryland Club) | Jeff Jordan | Clarissa Candia | Christina Spiros | Ellis Krienik (Ohio State Club) | Jerry Hawkins | Amber Majefski (Trinity) | John Higgs | Anthony Andrews Sr. | John Franklin | Curtis Anderson | Suzie Aiken (Indiana) | Jessica Lommel (Texas) | Theda Babcock (LIU Post) | Amanda Huddleson (Nebraska) | Steve Coleman (Michigan State) | Craig Thomas (Harvard) | Claire St. Amant (Baylor) | Cris Mulcahy (Texas Tech Law) | Misty Pressley | Christian Bankston | Justin Bolner (Texas A&M) | Taylor Smiley (Richmond) | Josh Volkening (Texas) | Stephanie Walker (Loyola) | Megan Winston (USC)