"I went in looking to learn the lacrosse game and left the season after falling in love with the Bridge family. The student athletes, coaches, and parents were such a joy to be around. Grateful to have had such a wonderful experience learning to love lacrosse and the family."

Byron | Coach

"Before I joined Bridge, I had been known to be shy, quiet, and kept more to myself. My mom is the one who insisted I play a sport. Rangel offered lacrosse. At the time, I was a little scared and nervous. Or, as my little sister says, I was nervouscited—nervous and excited. I had never heard of this game before, I didn’t know the rules, or how to play. On the first practice, I was even more nervous because I didn’t see anyone I knew. But by end of the first practice, I had already made friends that I’m still close to today. Everyone was so welcoming. I instantly felt comfortable. I felt like I’d be okay."

Kristen | Student-Athlete 

"Qaadir never wants to miss a practice, even if it’s the off-season practices. Often times, he talks about how the coaches teach different techniques, and he tries to carry his stick everywhere we go. I’ve even seen him trying to teach it to other young children in the community. He says he has to practice, so he can help the team win. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that these characteristics will carry over into his classes at school as well as his future."

Renee | Parent